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BlackAmerica's mission is to help promote the growth and development of Black-owned businesses. We will list your business for free as long as we are able to continue providing this service. There are no advertising charges, and the only fees involved are the setup charge for the description of your business ($20 for up to 75 words), and the $5.00 charge for each additional category listing (regardless of the Metropolitan area). I will make changes to your listing for a nominal charge of $5.00 per request for a change. This can be changes to e-mail, homepage Url, or the text of the business description. The charge is per request, not per item changed, you can change as much data as you like in a single request, but if you decide to change something later, an additional charge would apply.

Note: You must have a valid e-mail address to use this service.

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Consulting Firms
Contracting Firms
Design Firms
Retail Businesses
Professional Service Firms
Wholesale Businesses
Miscellaneous Businesses
Colleges and Universities
International Business
Venture Capital Firms

The first category is free, each additional category is $5.00.

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